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It's Our Job

We can't rely on higher-ups to define or promote our Progressive message for us.  What we can do is harness the power of shared and repeated language ourselves

Take the time to learn our Progressive language right here at the Messaging Project.  Practice talking in terms of our Progressive values and vision. 

Listen carefully to the radical Republicans' deliberate use of repeated language.  You'll hear how unified, clear and clever their language is, and will realize that the power of their language is how they are able to get votes even from people who have everything to lose by joining them.

When our identity is immediately and clearly understood, Progressives will again lead the nation toward a brighter future for all.  We can't blame the public for the way they voted.  We didn't make our identity clear and memorable.  Who we are is positive and compelling.

Memorable, clear and compelling communication is the key - and that's our job.  Here at the Messaging Project, we make it easier for all of us to do our job well.




Empowerment: a total experience.

  Learn about our Progressive message

The Progressive message is about communicating who we are and what we stand for, overall and issue-by-issue so that busy people quickly understand us.  To capture the votes that should be ours naturally, we need to work on what we say and then repeat it again and again. 




  Promote our message

 After you learn what to say, it's a matter of how well you say it.  Here's where you'll find professional tips on many different ways to effectively communicate.  It's our job to deliver the message in a way that it's immediately understood, easily promoted and connected.


  Apply our message to the issues

Since people tend to vote according to the message they most identify with and not necessarily vote their best interests, it's our job to make sure every American knows who we are and what we stand for issue by issue


  Connect our message

The power of the grassroots is people connecting to people.  Discover ways to connect our Progressive message, including our worthy values, our noble principles and our vision for a better future for all. 


  Be inspired by our Messengers of Democracy

Explore pages saturated with inspiration.  Sights, sounds, historical achievements it's all here.  By revisiting troubled times, we see how Progressives inspired and achieved the solutions that time and time again helped improve lives and families.  Average Americans have traditionally grown stronger, wealthier and more secure under liberal leadership.  Use these timeless stories and courageous examples to talk about our identity and long record of success.  Quote great people who are responsible for speaking the words and taking the steps that empowered us. 


  Know the threats to our democracy

This section seeks to uncover some of the radical Republican's most harmful actions and beliefs that are turning our once respected country into one that is loathed and feared by the rest of the world.  We must clearly differentiate ourselves from them.  A shared, repeated language is once again our primary tool to help others understand who we are.  In this case, by contrast.


  Watch the sidebars

Find tips and goodies peppered into the sidebars.

!Definition:  Get the meaning of terms quickly, then follow the exercise to develop your skills.

!Tip:  Find great tips on messaging, framing and designing successful communications of all kinds.

!Opportunity:  Quickly spot important alerts to unique messaging opportunities. Download quick reference wallet-size cards to keep us on message.

Reading Room Screening Room & Sound Room

Make our values and principles come alive with audio and visual.  Here is a place to feel empowered and inspired by our history. 

Explore movie ideas to share with the whole family.  Many movies link to lesson plans, which are a great tool for teaching children progressive principles. 

Listen to sound samples and music from inspirational eras.  Imagine living history and the heroes that made life better for generations. 

Read important books and articles on democracy.  Then live your knowledge by sharing your experience with others. 

  Start wherever you like

At the Messaging Project, all roads lead to your empowerment. When each community member is strong, we become a force for uniting our whole American community toward a better life in a better world. 


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