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"Abortion doesn't belong in the political arena. It's a private right, like many other rights concerning the family."

—Bella Abzug

It's More than Abortion: Using the larger frame "Healthy Families" by Rockridge Institute

Study Finds Abortion Rising Under Bush, Linked to Economic Policies, by Dr. Glen Stassen, Professor of Christian Ethics, Fuller Theological Seminary, Sojourners Magazine

The Culture of Life Top Ten by Michael Blanding, Alternet

Abortion and the Politics of Motherhood by Kristen Luker

The Truth About Sex, Teens, and Abstinence-Only Education by Susan Yudt editor of TeenWire

Pro-Life Voted for the Wrong Guy, Here's Why — A Daily Kos diary by lawnorder

State Facts About Abortion from the Guttmacher Institute, an interactive map of information


"We Accuse Society" by Cornelia Barns, 1917


Responsible and Private Family Planning; Rare, Safe Abortion

Position statement:  Democrats are defenders of individual American rights, including our rights to privacy.  We believe in allowing our citizens to make private decisions about their family's health and welfare without government interference.  Reproduction and birth control are and should remain a private family and personal matter.

By contrast, radical Republicans believe that they can and should regulate our personal lives based on the beliefs of one large voting group and the interests of corporate sponsors.  In particular, they want to maintain and tighten control over women in our society to meet their worldview of women being less than equal to men. 

Make "frame sandwiches" using any of these values:



  • Responsibility

  • Privacy

  • Health

  • Protection

  • Safety

  • Equality

  • Family

Repeat these ready-made frames:   "Healthy families"; "Pro-Family"
Use these themes:   It's about healthy families, which should include access to contraception and sex education, health care for the uninsured, living wages, affordable childcare—to raise healthy families. 

Reproductive rights are a part of the everyday efforts of women and men to raise children, build families, and experience healthy sexuality. 

All people have the right to self determination and should have full access to the support and information that helps them live healthier, better lives.

Reframe using these concepts:  'Family values' is hypocritical when the family isn't supported, our priority is "Healthy families";  "Family Values" reframe to "Pro-Family"; "Get the government out of my private life!"
Contrast using these words:   The Republicans deny working Americans virtually all that they need—contraception, meaningful sex education, health care for the uninsured, living wages, affordable childcare—to raise healthy families. 

"Radical Republicans are anti-family and anti-personal privacy and anti-liberty." 

"Republicans are pro-death" and "Republicans are pro-suffering" (They deny women and children access to contraception which increases unwanted pregnancies, allow toxic chemicals into the environment in support of corporate profits which sickens pregnant women and kills children and the elderly, force rape victims to bear their rapist's children, prohibit scientific breakthroughs like stem-cell research that can ease suffering and deny the poor and their children what they need to survive.)

Avoid repeating these words:  "Pro-life" (we're all pro-life) reframe to "anti-privacy"; "family values" or "pro-life" reframe to "healthy families" or "pro-family"; avoid the word "abortion" as they have pre-defined this concept.  Also try to avoid the word "choice" as it implies a shallow and consumer option rather than the serious issue of family privacy and non-interference from government agencies in private and personal decisions.
Know the tools in the radical Republican tool chest:  

1.  The Orwellian Language of Big Government by the National Taxpayers Union;

2.  The Radical Republican Manifesto: The Integration of Theory and Practice: A Program for the New Traditionalist Movement by Eric Heubeck;

3.  Frank Luntz Republican Playbook — Searchable Text-Version;

4. "14 Words Never to Use"

Quick facts: 
  1. The United States is now the leader in teenage pregnancy under Bush Republicans — National Library of Medicine
  2. Abortion rate rises under Bush Administration — Houston Chronicle and The Christian Post
  3. Abortion rate declined to lowest point in 24 years under Clinton Administration — Catholic Online, from the essay by Dr. Glen Stassen, ethics professor and based on the study by Guttmacher Institute
  4. Two-thirds of women who have abortions cite "inability to afford a child" as their primary reason — Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life
  5. Basic Stats from The Guttmacher Institute:
    • 56% of U.S. women who obtain abortions are in their 20s;
    • 67% have never married;
    • 61% have one or more children;
    • 88% live in a metropolitan area;
    • 57% are economically disadvantaged (living below 200% of poverty); and
    • 78% report a religious affiliation (43% Protestant, 27% Catholic and 8% other religions).


  1. Editorials on Reproductive Rights from "Contraception" by Ann Hwang, Wayne Shields, Felicia Stewart — an ongoing discussion between the Rockridge Institute and the University of California at San Francisco

  2. Planned Parenthood: Choice—Justice—Unity—Equality—Human Rights—Education—Trust—Empowerment—Freedom—Family

  3. NOW (National Organization for Women)

  4. NARAL (National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League) — Pro-Choice America

  5. Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom — A "pro-faith, pro-family, pro-choice" alliance of religious groups and youth

  6. Women Who Have Abortions in Pennsylvania: Their Stories in Context published in 1998 by the Duvall Project — statistics and stories

  7. Catholics for a Free Choice: How to Talk about Abortion — Questions and answers for the Catholic community

  8. Center for Reproductive Rights Reproductive Alliance — Pro-Choice America

  9. The Alan Guttmacher Institute — A non-profit organization dedicated to the analysis of public policy's impact on reproductive health, many good fact sheets and prominent studies



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